Todd Mckenzie

'If Todd Mckenzie were a real person, he'd be someone i'd strive to be. Todd Mckenzie is an idea, 'someone' who strips the ego from thoughts and expression, and smiles content in the fact that the result could mean everything... Or nothing at all.'

- Ian Dejong



Forgiveness & Ego

by Todd Mckenzie

Exploring the transition from ego to forgiveness (of both others and yourself) and how this introduces so much more joy and beauty into the world and people. 


A Warrior's Chance To Bleed

Following 'Death To My Kingdom', this project explores the vulnerability left in ego's absence and the outcomes of trying to build confidence in its place. 


Death to my Kingdom

by Todd Mckenzie

This was the beginning of the realisation and deconstruction of the ego. It also represents early understandings that in the absence of ego, death, loss & self destruction were in fact beautiful things and essential to a complete life.


Sera Survey

by Todd Mckenzie

A limited edition release on Smallfish Records. Soundscapes describing a plethora of emotions felt. 


... I'll Call You Back

by Todd Mckenzie

An experimentation in sound and expression